Consultant Solutions

As a Consultant

Enhance your consulting portfolio with cutting-edge whistleblowing services for your clients. Introducing Phoenix Whistleblowing Software, a powerful SaaS solution designed to streamline whistleblowing channels for multiple clients effortlessly. Stay ahead of the competition and empower your business with Phoenix Whistleblowing Software.


What’s in it for you?

New Revenue Stream

Expand with a profitable new service: charge clients for the service of establishing and operating their whistleblowing channels, managing and reporting the incoming disclosures, by utilizing Phoenix whistleblowing software as your infrastructure.

Drive Deeper Engagement

Operate Whistleblowing Channels for clients and unleash a surge in investigative opportunities.


Drive growth through Whistleblowing services.

Key Features

Software as a Service

Experience the benefits of a cloud-based SaaS solution, offering your clients the advantage of cutting-edge technology without the burden of costly infrastructure and ongoing maintenance.

Multiple Clients

As a consultant representing your clients, you juggle multiple accounts while ensuring strict data segregation for each.


Tailor Phoenix to your client preferences. Brand the site, choose the domain.

Multiple Language

Select the relevant languages, enabling you to serve multinational companies.