Phoenix Whistleblowing Software is a comprehensive and secure SaaS solution designed for organisations and consultants seeking effective systems to manage reporting and maintain transparency.

With support for over 50+ languages and Swiss-grade security measures, it offers customizable and multilingual platforms to cater to a diverse array of stakeholders.

Whether you’re a small entity, a multinational corporation, or a consultant working on behalf of clients, Phoenix Whistleblowing Software provides the robust features and intuitive interface you need to foster a culture of integrity and ensure compliance with the highest data protection standards.


Multiple Organisations, One Compliance Solution

Experience unparalleled adaptability with Phoenix Whistleblowing Software. Whether you’re a conglomerate with a diverse portfolio of companies or a compliance consultant managing multiple clients, Phoenix is designed to meet your needs…..

Multi languages

Across Borders, Beyond Barriers: Whistleblowing in 50+ Languages

Expand your reach with Phoenix Whistleblowing Software’s exceptional multilingual capability. Empower your organisation to offer the languages that suit your organisation locations, with pages and content prepared for 50+ languages…..

Multiple channels

Multiple channels for reporting: Speak Up, However You Choose

Phoenix Whistleblowing Software offers a comprehensive range of reporting channels. Whistleblowers can choose from various options as set up by the organisation. These options include user-friendly web forms available in different formats and lengths, dedicated phone numbers, short message service numbers, convenient chat functionality, and even a mobile app for seamless reporting on the go…..

Multiple templates

Express Your Ethics in Your Aesthetic: Wide-Ranging Whistleblowing Templates

Our Phoenix Whistleblowing Software goes beyond functionality to provide a fully customizable experience tailored to your unique branding needs. With an extensive library of design templates, we offer an unparalleled opportunity to match your whistleblowing system to your brand’s aesthetic and values…..


Your Compliance, Your Way

Experience the flexibility and customization that Phoenix Whistleblowing Software provides. Choose the payment model that suits you best, with options for monthly or yearly subscriptions in either Euros or Swiss Francs. Our platform offers you the freedom to add additional features or upgrade your package at any time, ensuring that our solution grows as your needs evolve…..


Your Business, Your Budget, Your Choice:

At Phoenix Whistleblowing Software, we believe in empowering you to make choices that suit your business and budget. With our range of four packages – Basic, Standard, Enterprise, and Premium – you have the flexibility to select the one that aligns with your specific needs and resources…..

Ease and speed to set up

Power Up Your Compliance in Two Hours

Embrace the convenience and speed of Phoenix Whistleblowing Software’s setup process. Begin by selecting the package that suits your feature requirements and budget. Once subscribed, you’ll embark on an intuitive, streamlined journey to set up your organisation…..

Case management

Comprehensive case management tools

Streamline your case management process with Phoenix Whistleblowing Software’s robust features. Tag and categorise reports to efficiently organise and prioritise them. Share reports with relevant users, enabling collaboration and effective handling of each case. The ability to comment on reports fosters seamless communication and collaboration among team members…..


Swiss Security, Global Trust

Dedicated to delivering exceptional security, Phoenix Whistleblowing Software leverages the world-renowned precision and reliability associated with Switzerland. Our servers, located in Switzerland, are governed by stringent Swiss data protection regulations, ensuring top-tier security for your sensitive information…..


Ensuring Privacy, Empowering Whistleblowers

At Phoenix Whistleblowing Software, we prioritise the confidentiality and security of whistleblowers. We understand that different situations may require different levels of anonymity. That’s why we provide three distinct options: confidential, anonymous, and disclosed…..

FADP/ GDPR compliant

Anonymous, Secure, and Fully GDPR Compliant

Trust in the utmost anonymity, security, and GDPR compliance with Phoenix Whistleblowing Software. Our platform ensures the complete protection of whistleblower identities, safeguarding their confidentiality throughout the reporting process…..

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Phoenix Whistleblowing Sofware
A multi-lingual and multi-channel SaaS Solution.

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Phoenix Whistleblowing Sofware
A multi-lingual and multi-channel SaaS Solution.

Click to start your journey..

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